Logo Hotpants

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The GASP Logo Hotpants are a classic posing trunk, for photoshoots or for layering under pants or shorts in the gym.


Product Highlights

  • tight, very small fit

  • sweat-wicking

  • elastic waist

  • side panels

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GASP Logo Hotpants

The Details

The GASP Logo Hotpants are a tight-fitting classic trunk engineered with sweat-wicking abilities for posing practice or workouts.

Fit & Features

The GASP Logo Hotpants are built with a moisture-wicking fabric and a better bodybuilder fit as seen on social media or in the bodybuilding publications. These shorts are the natural #1 choice for dedicated bodybuilders for posing practice, photoshoots or coach check-ins as it showcases hard-earned physiques.

They feature a contrasting flatlock stitching on the side panels with logos.

  • 80% polyester and 20% elastane for stretch