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Where Quality Meets Style in Fitness

Elevate Your Fitness Journey Today!

Welcome to Gym Star Pro Shop Regina, the ultimate destination for anyone who values their health, fitness, and style.

1301 Osler St, Regina, SK, S4R 1W6 - 306.910.1427

You are not just another customer; you are a VIP in your own fitness journey, and we're here to ensure you're dressed for success and fueled for performance.

What Sets Us Apart

Gym Star Pro Shop Regina is not just another fitness store; it's a lifestyle choice. We're the only store in the entire province offering exclusive brands like GASP, Better Bodies, 5% Nutrition, Axe and Sledge, NutraFitt, and Revive MD. Quality, value, and results drive our selection, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

Who We Serve

Our customers are individuals who invest in their well-being. They are tired of the run-of-the-mill supplements and athletic wear that simply don't hold up. If you prioritize your health, if you're looking for products that deliver, and if you believe looking good is feeling good, then you're a Gym Star Pro Shop Regina customer.

Solving Your Pain Points

Ill-fitting Athletic Wear, Be Gone!

If you've sculpted your body to perfection, why would you cloak it in ill-fitting wear? Our exclusive brands offer garments designed for bodies that don't fit the "average" mold. Quality stitching, durable materials, and fashionable designs are the core of our collections.

No More Wasted Supplements

Stop getting oversold on subpar supplements. We stock only the brands that prioritize quality over hype. With us, you'll get more bang for your buck, coupled with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've invested in products that actually work.

The VIP Experience

When you step into Gym Star Pro Shop Regina, you're stepping into an experience. Forget aimless browsing; our staff is trained to provide a customized shopping experience, almost like having a personal shopper in a high-end store.

Exclusive Offers and Rewards

Brickhouse Gym Members: As part of our community focus, all Brickhouse Gym members receive a 15% discount on all purchases.

Loyalty Rewards Program: Every dollar you spend earns you a point. Accumulate 100 points, and redeem them for a $5 in-store credit.

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