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Elastic Wrist Wraps

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Lift more. Protect more. How?
    • Wrist wraps are intended to enhance your grip around a barbell, dumbbell or resistance cable machine.
    • The wraps force you to concentrate on target muscle groups when lifting by securing your wrist to a weight.
    • These make the most reliable training partners as they can lessen the stress + fatigue during a lifting session allowing you to lift stronger + healthier.
GREAT FOR Everyday use, most beneficial for pressing exercises
ONE SIZE Fits all and is adjustable with the Velcro® closure
FULL SET You receive 2 wraps in the package, one for each wrist
COMFORTABLE 13" length
READY TO LIFT? Grab any wrap. Place your thumb in the elastic loop, wrap and fasten for a snug fit. Repeat on the other side. You can unloop your thumb once fitted. AND LIFT.
TO CLEAN Hand wash with soap. Rinse. Air dry overnight, away from the sun or heat
LONG WRAP LIFE CARE When not in use, keep the velcro fastened together so it doesn't drag on any other items in order for the velcro to stay strong

Better Bodies Elastic Wrist Wraps Constructed with your support in mind with 80% polyester + 20% rubber. One size fits all with Velcro® closure 13 inches long.