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Stringer Tank

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Classic bodybuilding

This hardcore GASP Stringer was wanted by the iron community around the world with the old school look of the t-back hanging off the body as seen in old magazines.

"GASP Yellow" is a mixture of yellow & orange which matches the GASP logo symbol. The shade representation will vary from device to settings and we have done our best to show you the unique colour.

  • very loose and hangs off the body
  • exaggerated dropped armholes
  • lightweight cotton
  • low chest
  • raw edges

GASP asked the iron community, what they wanted to see next and one thing they said was a classic stringer. The brand has had a variety of stringers in the archives - how many do you own of these? This GASP Stringer was inspired by these previous designs.

Fit & Features

An old-school bodybuilding stringer is a very loose fit where most of the chest and sides is exposed, that is the true fit of a classic stringer tank. The cotton used is very lightweight and breathable for the hardest training days. This oversized tank has raw edges and a rounded hem.

-- WARNING -- If you don't like exposing your man nipples & obliques, then go to a ribbed tank for a super tight fit or look for the "regular fit" tanks.

Info On Colours

"GASP Yellow", is the brand's signature colour used for the GASP logo. We make it clear this t-back is not yellow and not orange. It is a mixed colour that truly speaks what GASP is all about.
  • constructed from lightweight 100% cotton
Fit: Very loose, hangs off the chest and armholes
Length: Regular
Material: 100% BCI cotton
Features: Raw cut edges, classic stringer with loose fit, thin cotton, very deep armholes and low chest