Leather Straps

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The GASP Leather Straps allow you to move heavier weight without taxing your grip.
Product Highlights

  • feel, comfort, and support you look for in a strap set

  • adjustable 60 cm length

  • durable leather

GASP Leather Straps
The Details

A training partner with lasting power that becomes more comfortable with each lift.
Product Specifications

The GASP Leather Straps are made of a leather that is durable and forms to your wrists with each use. The length is standard at 60 cm (24 inches) and they are adjustable. They are vegetable tanned and come in a pair (set of 2 for each wrist). The support wraps feature an embossed logo.

Don't lose your grip! Lifting Straps helps to strengthen your grip and then allow you to lift heavier.

  • constructed with 100% genuine leather