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Branch Warren 18" Wrist Wraps

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Made specifically for Hardcore trainers and powerlifters.

Co-designed with IFBB Pro Branch Warren, the Signature GASP Branch Warren 18” Wrist Wraps offer support and stability during heavy-duty weightlifting. Developed with No Compromises!

  • Premium 4 line elastic for optimal support without limiting wrist mobility – suitable for your heaviest lifts, including one rep maxes.

  • Strong Velcro fastening for easy adjustments and a secure fit

  • Extra strong thumb loop for quick fastening

    • Insider tip: Hook & loop closure – most athletes use the thump loop to fasten wrap when wrapping, then remove the thumb loop during use

  • GASP ‘Branch Train Insane’ logo branding.

  • Sold in a pair

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GASP Branch Warren 18" Wrist Wraps


  • Hand wash

  • Rinse immediately

  • Air dry

The Fit:
Developed for Hardcore trainers, most beneficial for power movements and one rep maxes
18” (46cm)
Adjustable – one size fits all
80% cotton, 20% elastane