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Camo Gym Belt

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Rack up reps
Safely and in camo. Train smart with your most reliable training partner as you deadlift and squat. Gym belts are also helpful for heavy or high-volume shoulder and back days - just don't do ab work in a belt. High-quality weightlifting belts may help prevent lower back injuries + support your core muscles during workouts. Your Better Bodies Gym Belt braces your lower back + abdomen to prevent spinal flexing. In turn, intra-abdominal pressure helps stabilize your entire midsection. Gym belts fit around the small of your back and buckle over your natural abdomen

  • suggested fit for most: 1-4 inches smaller than your natural abdomen works so around your navel

  • anatomical shape support with contoured sides + a widened back

  • durable with a metal buckle

Better Bodies Camo Gym Belt

Better Bodies Camo Gym Belt is Made to support Your Workouts with outer part 60% neoprene + 40% polyamide / inner part 100% polyester

Around the navel in inches ¦ XS fits a 24 inch abdomen up to 28 inches · S:28-32 · M:32-36 · L:36-40 · XL:40-44
Length in inches ¦ XS-27.5 · S-31.5 · M-35.5 · L-39 · XL-43