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Blue Star Nutraceuticals - PPK - PRE-WORKOUT ENERGY + PUMP FORMULA

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Experience the Power of P.P.K.™

Are you ready to elevate your workout to the next level? As someone who's deeply passionate about fitness and peak performance, I can't wait to share with you the incredible benefits of P.P.K.™—a game-changing pre-workout supplement that's revolutionizing the way we train.

Why P.P.K.™ Stands Out

The ingredients in P.P.K.™ have been scientifically proven to deliver astonishing results:

  • 147% Greater Increase in Total Strength Over Training Alone
  • 54% Increase in Blood Flow Immediately Following Exercise vs Placebo Group
  • 30% Increase in Power Output Over Placebo
  • *Boost in Lean Body Mass
  • *Enhanced Mental Clarity, Concentration, and Cognitive Function
  • *Prolonged Muscular Endurance and Capacity for Higher Volume Workouts
  • *54% More Pumps

Unmatched Workout Experience

P.P.K.™ is designed to maximize every workout. With just one serving (1 scoop) mixed with 500mL of water 30 minutes before exercise, you'll feel the difference. Its effects are amplified when paired with sensible exercise and proper nutrition.

Science-Backed Performance

Each serving of P.P.K.™ is backed by research to increase muscle pumps, strength, and energy:

  • No “Itch” or “Tingles”: Unlike other pre-workouts, P.P.K.™ skips the Beta-Alanine, so you avoid that uncomfortable skin itchiness.
  • Immediate Impact: A single dose significantly enhances performance and physiological response during exercise, as confirmed by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Key Ingredients for Peak Performance

  • 6000 mg Citrulline Malate: Boosts Nitric Oxide production, enhancing blood flow for powerful muscle pumps.
  • 500 mg Agmatine: Works synergistically with Citrulline to amplify muscle pumps and performance.
  • 400 mg Peak ATP®: Doubles muscular performance by increasing muscle excitability, blood flow, and recovery.
  • 375 mg Caffeine + Nootropics: This blend of Caffeine, Huperzine, and Alpha GPC sharpens mental and physical performance.
  • 1100 mg Coconut Water Powder & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Naturally sourced electrolytes prevent muscle cramps and improve hydration.

Elevate Your Workout

P.P.K.™ isn't just a supplement; it's a commitment to reaching new heights in your fitness journey. It's doctor-formulated and third-party lab-tested, ensuring the highest standards of quality and transparency.

Ready to Feel the Difference?

Add P.P.K.™ to your cart today and see how it transforms your workout performance. With 54% greater blood flow, 30% more power, and a boost in muscle pumps and endurance, you'll never waste a workout again.

Discover the science behind P.P.K.™ and elevate your fitness game now!

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