Better Bodies Women’s Wrist Wraps



Style your gym outfit down to the lifting accessories, with the hot pink Better Bodies Women’s Wrist Wraps that provide additional wrist support anytime you need it for your workouts.

Product Specifications

  • easy loop-in thumb hole
  • adjustable Velcro
  • sold in pairs
  • 13 inches
  • exclusive

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Ladies, you could be lifting more by using a little help, The Better Bodies Women’s Wrist Wraps are a piece of exercise equipment that should be part of your training.

The Features

Not just for the overly cautious, use the Better Bodies Elastic Wrist Wraps anytime you are pressing or going overhead during training. Wrist wraps have been shown to provide several benefits to lifters including providing wrist support, enhanced performance for greater gains, and reduced risk of injury.

These are supports are fabricated from a premium 2-line elastic that offers great support without limiting wrist mobility. The convenient loop-in thumb makes for an easy adjustment, secure fit and easy removal. The Velcro allows you to adjust for a perfect fit to support you.

This version is pink with a black stripe.

  • built from 80% cotton and 20% elastane

To Care

To clean your wraps hand wash, rinse and air dry.