Better Bodies Women’s Lifting Straps



Power your inner girl strength with the hot pink Better Bodies Women’s Lifting Straps for your no slip grip lifts.

Product Specifications

  • cotton canvas with neoprene padding
  • adjustable hand loop
  • 1.5 inches in width
  • 23 inches long
  • set of two
  • exclusive

In stock


Never cut a workout short due to wrist pain with the use of Better Bodies Women’s Lifting Straps to support you.


Secure a strong and steady hold on the bar with the Better Bodies Women’s Lifting Straps. They are made with a flexible, nonslip cotton canvas. The protective gear has been supported with neoprene wrist pad cushions for extra comfort and wrist protection. The straps feature an adjustable hand loop with reinforced stitching for repeated training. The length makes it possible for you to wrap the bar multiple times so you can hit your goals faster.

  • 100% cotton strapping with neoprene padding

These straps are an exclusive to Canada through Gym Star. Gym Star continues to be the #1 Dealer for GASP & Better Bodies in Canada since 2007.