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Mutant Core Series Muscle Mag

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Mutant Core Series Muscle Mag 

  • Relaxes muscles & reduces cramping, pain & spasms
  • Helps improve sleep duration & quality
  • Quickly restores magnesium deficiency
  • Supports boosted energy & ATP
  • Helps reduce stress & anxiety
  • 4 easy-absorbing magnesium forms + vitamin B6   
When you lift hard you gotta rest hard or you hurt your muscle building progress. So what do you do when sore, crampy, tight or twitchy muscles are keeping you up? Maximize your night-time recovery with MUSCLE MAG! These B6 fortified quad-form magnesium caps are a knockout formula that relaxes agitated muscles while improving sleep and recovery. Push hard, recover harder!

Magnesium is critical for muscle contraction, nervous system function, electrolyte balance, and sleep - but 75% of us aren’t getting enough! You need even more if you’re slamming iron. MUSCLE MAG stacks 4 easily absorbed forms of magnesium (bisglycinate, aspartate, malate and Aquamin®) to quickly fight deficiency. Every 2 caps loads you up with 100% (420mg) of your base daily need!

Overtraining, poor sleep, and muscle pain can seriously stunt your training efforts. Use MUSCLE MAG to relax tight muscles, improve muscle contraction, plus enjoy whole body benefits like improved bone health, reduced stress, more energy, and better sleep quality - all things you need to lift, rest, grow, then do it all over again!