Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves

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Battle tested by pro athletes.
The GASP Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves set of 2 in dark camo offers optimal rigid support and stability during heavy-duty workouts. See below for more sizing info.
Product Highlights

  • compression support

  • not one size fits all

  • GASP logo patch

  • rigid material

GASP Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves

The Details

The GASP Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves set were developed in collaboration with pro-lifting athletes. After in-depth discussions with these Pros, then they tested and fine-tuned them as they put the sleeve wraps through intense training until they exceeded the athlete’s needs.

The Specifications

The Heavy Duty Elbow Sleeves are firm enough to offer optimal support and stability during those gruelling workouts but also versatile enough to become an everyday training partner. The lifting elbow supports offer high compression support with dependable elasticity. Available in various sizes for the ultimate fit. Included in this set of sleeves are a pair of two. See below for more sizing info.

  • durable 75% polyester and 25% elastane for stretch

Sizing Info

GASP recommends choosing a size that is 0.5 to 2 inches (1.25cm to 5cm) smaller than the lower part of your biceps. So depending on how tight you want these to fit, please take a measure so you get the correct size and support you require. In length, they are 5.5 inches which provides just enough coverage to keep the elbow tight without affecting the bicep or forearm.