Distressed Hood

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The GASP Distressed Hood is a terry cotton pullover hoodie for your No Compromises Lifestyle.

    • regular GASP fit, true to size

    • terrycloth lining to keep you dry

    • embroidered arm logo

  • kangaroo pocket
The Details

The GASP Distressed Hood is a cotton pullover with a kangaroo pocket ideal for warming up in the gym or on the cooler days.
Fit & Features

While it's true that GASP apparel is engineered for and with bodybuilders, it is true to size. it is neither sized small nor sized big. We can't stress enough to check out all the sizing info to get the correct size AND then check the fit. Whenever in doubt contact us as we have the best info out there and we get back to you quickly.

This regular GASP fit 100% cotton hoodie is comfortable for anything and anywhere your GASP life takes you. It has a terrycloth inside for keeping your muscles dry and warm.
      • made with 100% cotton from India