Axe & Sledge Arginine Basic Series

(1 customer review)

Axe & Sledge Arginine Basic Series

(1 customer review)


Supplementing with arginine is an effective way to:

  • support nitric oxide and muscular pumps
  • promote muscle protein synthesis
  • improve cardiovascular health

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Customize your supplement stack The Basics Series is a line of single-ingredient supplements that contain no fillers, excipients, or artificial substances. The basics series is an affordable and convenient way to customize your supplement stack. Although Axe & Sledge offers comprehensive supplements that cater to the majority of people’s needs, we understand that everyone is different. So we created a line of products that gives every hard-working m’fer more options and flexibility. Tailoring a supplement stack to your individual needs will help you reach your health and fitness goals even faster.

Boost pumps & performance with arginine L-Arginine is an amino acid that’s naturally produced by the body and found in some foods, including poultry, seeds, legumes, and dairy. Arginine is specifically classified as a semi-essential amino acid because it’s particularly important to intake under certain circumstances, such as pregnancy, infancy, critical illness, and trauma. Since Arginine is an amino acid, it serves as a building block to various proteins, including glutamate, proline, and creatine. Arginine is essential for optimal immune system health because it’s needed for the development of t-cells, also known as white blood cells.

Since Arginine has so many important roles in your body, a deficiency of it can disrupt cellular and organ function which can lead to serious adverse health issues. The easiest way to obtain more arginine is by taking supplements. The recommended daily intake of L-Arginine is between four to six grams. In regards to exercise performance, Arginine is most notably involved in nitric oxide production. Nitric Oxide is a molecule that’s needed for a variety of bodily processes and functions such as blood flow regulation, mitochondrial function, and cellular communication. An increase in Nitric Oxide production leads to the expansion (vasodilation) of your blood vessels. This allows for blood, nutrients, and oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, especially to your working muscles, more efficiently. So taking Arginine pre-workout may significantly improve exercise performance and muscular pumps.

Other health benefits that arginine brings to the table includes:

  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Improving glucose metabolism
  • Enhancing insulin sensitivity
  • Increasing blood flow

These positive effects are more likely to occur in individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, and pre-eclampsia.

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1 review for Axe & Sledge Arginine Basic Series

  1. Brent Robic (verified owner)

    I’ve tried some other brands of L-Arginine and they seem to leave a lingering aftertaste, but i have not noticed that with this product from Axe and Sledge. I like to combine this with a couple of other products to create a pre-workout that meets my needs in the gym. I will be buying this again for sure.

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