5 Percent Nutrition Core L-Glutamine 5000 size 348g

5 Percent Nutrition Core L-Glutamine 5000 size 348g


Plain ol’ Glutamine is well documented and widely used for recovery, but here at 5%, we like to provide the community with the most effective formulations possible. Recent clinical research has shown that combining L-Glutamine and L-Alanine results inreduced oxidative stress and lactic acid production, alongside increased levels of plasma and musclular glutamine, indicatinghigher rates of absorption and bioavailibility. In short, adding Alanine delivers superior results for all your athletic pursuits.

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    • 5 GRAMS OF PURE L-GLUTAMINE per dose. The body’s most abundant and quickly depleted amino acid, it’s absolutely vital for bodily function. Fuel up after a workout, supercharge essential functions and support immune health and digestion.
    • PLUS L-ALANINE = SUPERIOR FORMULATION that dramatically enhances absorption rates vs l-glutamine consumption alone. No other product on the market delivers this effective duo.
    • BUILD LEANER, STRONGER MUSCLE: Boost muscle fiber synthesis, lift more, jump higher and run faster. With two nitrogen-transporting aminos, you’ll fight the lactic acid production and buildup that causes fatigue and muscle soreness in order to recover faster. Heal minor aches and pains from damaged tissue.
    • 3RD PARTY TESTED, GMP CERTIFIED, unflavored, no artificial colours, proudly made in the USA: Trust your health to 5% Nutrition.
    • 5% NUTRITION DELIVERS the industry’s most comprehensive formulations, made for elite-level performance, with quality, purity and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Always legit, never manipulated. Just like you, we don’t pay for feedback, we earn it. Join the 5% Nation, proud to be the most hardcore muscle-building community on the planet.
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